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Our "Essential Service" Covid-19 social distancing plan

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


We know this is a time of frustration because we don't know how this situation will truly evolve and there's much disappointment over recent restrictions in place, canceled events, etc. As a business, we are not making any judgments of the situation or going into any kind of panic mode, only making wise adjustments for the greater good, especially for any compromised customers we may have. We know that many of you are taking the suggestions of staying home and some of you have been stocking up on things. However, we also know some of you may still need things during this time, yet are choosing to stay at home as much as possible.

We have livestock that still needs regular care and systems that need regular maintenance, and we are considered an essential service, so we will be at the store during normal business hours at this time. We are not usually at more than 10 customers at a time and have enough aisles of awesome fish to look at that we can all spread out enough to give each other space. Having said that, you are welcome to come in, though we suggest keeping to the social distance recommended as much as possible for lengthy conversations about caring for your pets or while we might be catching fish for you and even more limited closer contact to carry out a transaction. We have sanitizer available as well as soap and Lysol wipes to freely use as needed.

For those choosing to or having to self-quarantine, we are also offering for you to call to pay for supplies we have available and we will deliver to you if needed. This will not be a deliver within an hour kind of situation, however. When considering delivery outside of Nipomo, we will gage that as it happens since we do not yet know how high of a need for this service there will be. An example might be delivery to Santa Maria each evening and AG a couple or several times a week. Please be patient with this as we really don't know what to expect yet, but we want the option available, as we want to be part of not spreading this virus more than tests are revealing it has. We will notify you if we decide to adjust our store hours from the current of Mon-Sat 10-6.

Thank you for your help in navigating this uncharted territory. Be well and happy fish keeping. Chuck, Joanette and Tony

PS...If you have to be home more during this time, spending it watching your finned pets is a blessing indeed!!

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