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"Spring"ing in to a clear pond...MARCH PREPARING

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Oh the joy of emerging from winter to blooming plants, birds chirping and once again bountifully feeding our koi. However, with the change in weather comes a range of things to be mindful of.

Remember all of the debris that has settled in our ponds is decomposing and the extra nutrients along with warmth and sun is the perfect recipe for free floating algae...the dreaded GREEN WATER!!! Now is the time to get the extra debris out, dose your pond with sludge consuming bacteria, and make sure all of your filtration is working optimally and providing the right amount of oxygen. You might also want to consider plants if you don't have any, or more if you have room…they love to consume the extra nutrients for you.

If its been a good amount of time since your pond was thoroughly cleaned you may want to consider having that done soon. We have vacuums for rent and a pond cleaning team if you prefer!

If you have a UV filter or clarifier, you'll want to make sure it is working properly and if you do not have one you might consider adding one or trying our Nualgi product you dose weekly to help prevent the nuisance green water. Remember after one year of running your UV full time the light starts to degrade, even if it is still lighting up. So if you start to see a green tint to your water, don't wait till its solid to change the will multiply very fast and could take up to 6 weeks to get it clear if that happens.

Happy pond keeping!!!


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